Pregnancy Yoga: Energising Flow Practice

Pregnancy Yoga

29 Oct Pregnancy Yoga: Energising Flow Practice

Try this easy flow practice first thing in the morning or anytime you need a little bit of an energy boost.

Since becoming pregnant, my yoga practice has definitely changed and evolved. I no longer take stretches to their max, I am a little wider in my stances and I am generally a little kinder on myself. If I want to spend 25minutes rolling around in poses on the floor and never reach a standing pose, then so be it. Yoga has no set pattern or rhythm (unless you are doing Ashtanga or Bikram) especially during your home practice.


Yoga during pregnancy is fantastic for both you and the baby. If you would like to know the benefits of yoga during pregnancy then be sure to check out my other blog post here: ‘Why Should I Practice Yoga During Pregnancy?’


In this video I will take you through an easy flow practice that is suitable for every trimester. I will take you through a short breathing practice to help you relax the whole body before moving into some floor poses and then standing poses.



Enjoy xx



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